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Adjacent to the world-renowned Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, our Tas Pide branch is one of the most unique restaurants that you will ever step foot in.

From top to bottom, our Tas Pide branch has been exclusively designed to reflect the traditional Anatolian culture of which our menu embraces.

‘Pide’ - loosely translating to ‘flatbread’ - is prepared using the finest ingredients and baked right before your eyes in our very own clay oven. With over twenty various choices including vegetarian, seafood and meat toppings, you’ll certainly have plenty of options to choose from.

Although our branch specialises in Pide’s, you can still opt for our other exquisitely prepared dishes such as; healthy mezes, seafood selections, traditional grills and casseroles.

Found right off the bank of the River Thames, our Tas Pide offers you the full London experience. You can tour London’s top attractions like St. Paul’s Cathedral and Tate Modern and join us for a unique dining experience which is just a short walk away.

Your experience with us doesn’t end there.

We are confident that you will experience the full Anatolian dining atmosphere.

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Our founder, Onder Sahan, CEO of the Tas Restaurant Group, opened his first restaurant on The Cut in 1999.

His passion for food preparation was apparent from the outset and his varied dishes and distinctive recipes were instantaneously greeted with excellent reviews.

In the last 25 years, he has opened a further eight venues throughout Central London, all of which have maintained the same high standards and been met with similar enthusiasm.

Over a career spanning 32 years, Onder Sahan has developed a unique style of his own. The meals remain true to their Turkish origins, however, they are lighter, more modern versions of the rich cuisine that the country is renowned for. Fresh seasonal ingredients, distinct aromatic spices, and harmonious flavors are his trademarks, with all of his dishes impeccably cooked and beautifully presented.

Over the years he has maintained his passion for cooking and has received many accolades along the way.